Security update

1. There were more than 3000 complaints on the X factor show.(1)

2. David Cameron is a social policy butterfly too. Unlike the “New York Times,” he is not for a big state as the solution for everything in the rich imperialist countries.

3. Some people figured out why I got to be poor just before 9/11.

4. Maybe it’s not staring at goats or a death ray, but my best description for the warfare on my street is some kind of inaudible or nearly-inaudible sound warfare. When it’s audible it’s too obvious. I live next to military and mafia-military types.

What I would say to people is compare the pains one has walking about during the day with pains one experiences that could be subject to some kind of covert warfare, particularly in dense urban settings.

These past two nights I have been subjected to pains in certain rooms. The heart races painfully; muscles twitch painfully and there are other sporadic pains that do not occur even during exercise.

I’m not going to mention other explanations for my maladies, but upon careful reflection of the facts, the other explanations simply do not hold water.

I hope this will also assist others, that if they feel something painful, they might need to move locations.

My best solution is to move from my current location and I am working on that.

In general, I am followed by satellite monitoring at all times. Being able to record the effects of this warfare would be difficult, perhaps requiring medical equipment, and I’m guessing, certain kinds of sound-related devices.

2. David Cameron, “Social policy butterfly,”


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