Obama answers European call

What we are seeing at the moment is that Gordon Brown is trying to influence Obama on two questions, the Chinese currency and Afghanistan. Toward that end, the British look to be willing to scuttle Mideast peace hopes and reward lynching.

It is our view here at MIM that that is the wrong order of events to go in and we believe the international united front agrees. We have to listen to the moderate national bourgeoisie in the international united front, but MIM is of the opinion that revolutionaries should stay outside of the system at this time, that there is no real way to do much more with elites to defuse tensions. In fact, some tensions have to remain high. Elites are in position to make something happen, but now international relations need to change.

In related news, there is a conflict among ATT, Murdoch and Google over the future of search engines and media. I would not be surprised to see action on this front if international relations do not improve soon.


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