The stage of struggle in the Mideast: media

There has been a round of criticism of those shutting down anti-Zionist media in the Mideast. We are still at the bourgeois stage of revolution there, because of the colonialism situation and the lack of proletarian revolution in the West to overcome colonialism in the old Trotsky-style fantasy.

Everyone sees that the Zionist press continues on unabated. Yet now Fatah categorically criticizes Hamas for shutting down media. “‘Journalists should not be bullied,’ said White. ‘Journalists need to be able to meet freely, to speak freely and to exercise their rights without the blessing of any political faction.'”(1)

Meanwhile, Iran got its pro-Shia network back on the air after being shut down by the Saudis. “The British Association of Journalists, Turkey’s Felicity Party, The International Association for Media and Communication Research – IAMCR, Lebanon’s National Information Council, Turkey’s Organization of Human Rights and Solidarity with Oppressed People, The International Association of Journalists (IAJ), and Al-Manar television network were among the organizations that protested the arbitrary measure.”(2) The Arab Writers Union also backed Iran’s getting back online.

In both cases, the movements looked at the larger political significance and appearance to the outside world, not just the technical, sectarian or administrative details.

The struggle level in the cauldron of the oppressed peoples of the Mideast is intense. That is among the reasons I trust the judgements of people there more than the people here, who I have long said can’t put together a large vanguard party because of the super-profit and sexual privileges we have here. If someone wants me to change course, the way to go is by convincing the people in the cauldron. I’m just one man.



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