Behind the times on the Russians

We’ve still got some liberals behind the times on the Cold War. They think Soviet revisionists need protecting. They have not paid much attention about Soviet collaboration with the I$raelis and the CIA.

In fact, I’m sure that one of the most shocking aspects of my case is that it essentially applies Cold War protocols, except for my opening cards which were probably more aggressive and sensational than the usual opening.

Liberals did not notice when the FBI took over from the KGB in intersecting with the “Communist Party” — and yet dumb-f* Democrats working with Che-Libs and who have proved wrong again and again want to make an uninformed insinuation against ME! Nor did they see when the CP-USA’s fraternal party in Iraq served in the U.$. colonial administration, as appointed by Bremer. Maybe Democrats should make sure they do their anti-revisionist work first instead of listening to the likes of Jeffery Paige or Che-Libbers.

Unfortunately, the Prison Ministry headed by an Honorary Comrade has left out the CP-USA material from the old MIM archive it is serving — in line with the interests of the Che-Libs people. However, there is a growing body of literature about what happened to the “CP-USA” after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This story does not refer to liberal Roger Cohen, but Roger Cohen should check what Gordon Brown said today. There is a side story that can be contained, but it’s not likely to stay that way. So I would not mess with the Palestinians’ cards.



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