Daily update

1. Right after I said we have elite level conflicts at a high level, the British Guardian reported that British court is in conflict with the British Foreign Minister over torture at Gitmo. The Foreign Minister wants to hush it up.
“Judges’ torture ruling harmed UK security, says Foreign Office,” 12Nov09, http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/nov/12/torture-foreign-office-miliband-judge

2. Defense Secretary Gates says he is appalled by leaks.

3. Simon Jenkins suggests Gordon Brown for EU president. I do think there are good reasons for that idea. The basic problem is that Brown is doing more to oppose fascism at the moment than others. He’s got the inside poop on the left-wing of parasitism in the united $tates. That’s not to say he won’t come under pressure to kow-tow to U.$. and Russian imperialism, but at the moment, he is opposing fascism.


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