Global timing question

Like the Palestinian Fatah leader Abbas, I too contemplate what is best to do next. I receive unprecedented information at this time, some on incalculable questions or questions I have not had long to think about.

I believe that the Mideast question will reach some meaningful degree of resolution by December 15.
“‘If the Egyptian proposal is signed within the coming few days, there will be agreement to hold elections by mid 2010. However, if the proposal isn’t signed, the PLO’s Central Committee will convene on 15 December and take decisive decisions on all unresolved issues,’ Muheisin said.”(1)

It’s also important that things can be achieved without a unity government. I’m not meaning to judge how Palestinians achieve what they need.

Hamas has just made the interesting point that Arafat did eventually return to resistance after the failure of Wye and the Clinton talks. On the other hand, Fatah seems to be pushing for international recognition of a state, including UN Security Council recognition of the Arab Peace Initiative.(2)

If the Palestinians soon achieve some kind of success there is a piggyback question in the air in another region and hopes in many other questions. If there is failure, it becomes more necessary for me to take up straightforward anti-Amerikkkan roles.

Anyone hoping that I will continue to play a complicated role had best understand that I will not tolerate whiffs of slavery nor the continued collaboration with the state shutting down the MIM website. For me persynally, there is a two-stage revolution. I will not negotiate with wannabe slaveowners and thereby encourage future lynchings. Nor will I make any indentured servitude agreement.

Tolerating fascism and attempted diplomatic enslavement is for Liberals and post-modernists.

I understand that hopes soar high. Yet, my ex-comrades followed most onto the middle-aged road and do not seem to care how racism and national chauvinism have led to war. They’ve believed all kinds of nonsense, rather than understand that I play a unique role. They continue on oblivious, not only causing discrimination against me in employment but dealing global hopes for advance major setbacks.

I am contemplating a date for the completion of the first stage of my persynal revolution. The seriousness with which to take people depends on the order in which they do things. When I am asked things that I do not have the power to deliver, we find a lack of seriousness in evaluating political and diplomatic proposals. There is no total out for the Obama administration that I can deliver, so asking for that against my demands demonstrates a lack of seriousness.



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