Third World notes

1. “Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has renewed his charges that the US and Colombia have sealed a ‘devil’s pact’ to wage war against Venezuela.”

. . .

“Chavez also warned that US President Barack Obama was traveling ‘the same path’ as former US president George W. Bush.”(1)

2. Erekat says he is trying to line up support for a Palestinian state on June 4 1967 borders.(2)

3. Not just Amerikkkan females, British females appear to have abused Iraqi males at Abu Ghraib.
“‘Given the history of the UK’s involvement in the development of these techniques alongside the US, it is deeply concerning that there appears to be strong similarities between instances of the use of sexual humiliation,’ he told the paper.”(3)

MIM developed the gender aristocracy thesis on sexual abuse by people with female genitalia against those with male genitalia. Among the party minority who opposed the idea of the gender aristocracy and “bitches” was MC12.



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