A sporting 48 hours

I’ve been thinking about my Abbas-style problems and now in these last two articles, I have connected these problems to theory.

Those critics opposing me who believe in integrationist socialism in the imperialist countries should believe that I can put offensive points on the board. They will join in the imperialist speculations going on right now, not to discredit me, but because they actually believe the era of white national chauvinism is over. So for example, Sarkozy could very well have a successful Mideast summit, with small and medium deals first in upcoming days followed by culmination with a big deal at the summit itself. In contrast, I hold that national liberation struggles within the imperialist countries, plus de-lousing are necessary before oppressed nations can hold meaningful power.

There comes a point where one must choose between accomplishments for now and education of global future generations. Already back in the 1990s, I explained that even with revolution it will take a long time for oppressed nations, a stage, during which they learn to live lives free of Euro-Amerikan domination.

It looks increasingly that I’m not in position to be able to explain to the international united front what is wrong. My arch-enemies have been put in check, but my own ex-comrades have invented “new” charges.

In basketball terms, to sum up my Abbas-style problem, the accountable thing to do is look to the bench. It’s not that I know of a better player on the court than myself, but it’s like fouling out, and now someone else has to “step it up,” not that I think it’s likely. If I don’t tell my coaches in the international united front to look to the bench, it’s not fair to them, sort of like playing injured.

If we’re going to have this crap that we already have socialist integration or alternatively, “new” unaccountable racist accusations justifying my sidelining–either way I need to tell the Mideast cauldron to find another player to drag this thing across the finish line. If the CIA can just make up shit and have everyone believe it inside U.$. borders, then the international united front deserves to know that.

It’s looking more and more likely that I’m going to end up agreeing with Murdoch. Relatively speaking, he’s probably clearer about the need of a media independent of the state than the center of gravity in the international united front is.

There is no reason for the international united front to fall for a pure NazBol ideology. If the countries with strong states and a great degree of independence from the imperialist state don’t like the MIM website, they can get Google not to show it to their country’s users. The imperialist countries and the countries with weak-to-nonexistent states still need to read MIM. If MIM’s only task were to divide the enemies of Palestine in the United $tates, we would still need an independent MIM independent of the imperialist state.

Let’s call this next 48 hours an information-gathering period for the international united front. After 48 hours, I’m shifting focus to opposing the fascist movement that shutdown the website I worked on and spread accusations that would have made me ineligible to hold office — just as a measuring rod of the degree of national chauvinist fabrication. The holding office measuring rod tells people that there might even be new democratic, not just de-lousing tasks, still at hand.

If the international united front does not hear back from me in 48 hours, it should assume that the anti-Amerikkkan struggle should use the KISS principle, keep-it-simple. Specifically we have to worry about stooges of U.$. imperialism.


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