They are doing the same thing, AGAIN

“They are doing the same thing, AGAIN”
Subtext: possibilities for integrated vanguard parties

Almost 20 years ago, a fabricated rape accusation caused comrades MC45 and MC53 to say they could not recruit successfully. I went on my way very successfully, but they did not, not recruiting-wise; although, they put in quite a bit of work in their youth. MC12 said the party was taking a beating on my account. A tiny minority of the party even contributed to the lynching in a quarter-assed way.

There was not a single comrade who did not distribute literature against the Willie Horton ads of George Bush Sr. Every comrade was aware that my accuser avoided confrontation at her own government office and in a potential party context/trial. There was no comrade unaware that there was no formal process for the accusation, anywhere.

Yet, no comrade launched a campaign against lynching, not one. No one thought to turn a bad thing into a good thing. In fact, it was me who wrote posters on rape and MIM Theory papers as well.

We agreed unanimously in the 2001 resolution on the “RCP” that its line was neo-colonial in privileging Blacks. Comrade Omali Yeshitela recently protested Obama, in a manner predicted in the 2001 resolution. We credit Yeshitela.

Nonetheless, we had other struggles which indicated a problem with neo-colonialism in the party. What is true of the party is even more true outside the party: that is if the New York Times did not report it, then it was racism or national chauvinism that did not happen according to the left-wing of parasitism. That’s why real anti-imperialists can never be found saying the media independent of the imperialist state should rest on the majority or some such fantasy. Understanding MIM’s principal task is of utmost importance.

We had a big to-do in the party because the New York Times supported Anita Hill against Clarence Thomas. Today, I believe the New York Times editorial board might not quite play that same question the same way. That’s an advance that we have had, but too many people are still overestimating where we are.

Despite the advance of Obama, more and more people are understanding that race relations did not advance here. Professor Orlando Patterson pointed out in the New York Times that Obama was a special case, not representative.

What the media wanted was New York style politics, as if we could have one-stage socialist revolution. It’s a year after the election; the facts are well-known, but there is no report on my case. And then people wonder why we needed media independent of the imperialist state, not just now, but 20 years ago? One thing is that one will not find Imam Khomeini or Mao or any anti-imperialist saying anything justifying leaks or other state attacks on independent media in the imperialist countries.

But it does not stop there. My party comrades largely burned out with middle-age. It happens here. So though they were not exactly aggressive in recruiting and fighting sometimes, my ex-comrades did put in a lot of work.

Yet, we are now in a position, where especially less than a handful of ex-comrades are doing the exact same thing as the original lynching: they are complaining about something they know they have had no formal process for. Yes, I’m being lynched on a totally new topic.

Long ago, the party started running into deficit, because cash cows two steps removed from MC12, for instance, stopped giving. The party branches did not meet their requirements of hiring full-time professionals. Comrades stopped doing their mass work requirements. People know when they are purged they’re not supposed to have a say anymore.

Yet, after the fact, to justify shutting down the MIM website, some people are pointing to events three and more years older than the shutdown. They do so because they know they can get away with that kind of back-stabbing AGAIN. Why not? It worked before.

Oh, they would not like to admit they are collaborating with the imperialist state in squashing my work. That’s why they invent other post-hoc reasons, things they did not raise before.

The problem is that, this time, we do not have another 20 years for whitey to be exposed. Once again, there is no formal confrontation of evidence; yet, once again, we have people, the same people, whispering in the shadows to justify why they shut down the website I ran. It’s the same exact lynching logic in 2009.

It says a lot about the possibilities of integrated revolutionary work. I have noticed as my struggle has broadened over the years, and especially in the last three years, whites work best with the anti-imperialist movement at an arm’s length. They can see scientific advance after advance and great victories relative to what the left-wing of parasitism achieves, and still they slide back to the comfort of Bob Avakian.

Euro-Amerikans can cheer from the stands. They can even run interference at a distance, in the media and many places of influence. It has to be thought of as the petty-bourgeoisie leaning to the proletarian side sometimes, like a flickering lightbulb. It’s united front type material. The oppressed nations are going to have to work on their scientific efforts among themselves and build vanguard parties in the hopes of having crunch time material when the historical struggle advances.

The MIM achieved many things, but we are in crunch time now and we see that we cannot rely on people to use a consistent method. It is a national chauvinist method being used again to back fascism.

Many internationally agree with the struggle against my arch-enemies. The only reason they know is that I exposed the struggle before whitey invented new invisible and unaccountable reasons for opposing the world’s 2nd leading website in market research’s “communist” category.

Probably most in the international united front are worried I see them as rightist. One can also see one-stage revolution, one-working-class theory as ultra-leftist. I’m saying we need maturity in the international class struggle. The anti-dollar-bubble struggle is an excellent locus of de-lousing. That struggle has not gone on long enough for us to declare that the tasks of the national liberation struggle within imperialist country borders are done. Saying those tasks are done is ultra-leftist, a cover for banker exploitation.

I think the moderate national bourgeoisie is right to wonder, “can we put that guy Henry Park in office?” They’re still wondering about the Avakian theory of one-stage, one-working-class struggle through the Democrats.

I’m worried that some countries in the international united front overestimate where we are. We have to have the long-term perspective that we are going to need imperialist country media independent of the imperialist state, because de-lousing is going to take a long-time before there is enough of an advance that there is either an Amerikan proletariat or advance into communism other ways.

Closing down the MIM website in the midst of a raft of unaccountable and racist accusations is not the opening salvo of socialist office-holding. It’s the opening salvo of fascism.


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