Aesopian snot from racists

Now that I have said I am not available for a diplomatic indentured servitude with the end of my 48 hour deadline, I’m getting Aesopian snot from enablers of wannabe slave-owners in the media:

“The uprising against communism that began 20 years ago in Czechoslovakia was sparked by a false rumor that to this day remains a mystery.”(1)

The “New York Times” knows very well what happened.

The U.$. media can fuck itself.

Because Cuba has the inside poop, now we see a rush at this particular moment to drop the travel ban.(2)

Hopefully that is tied to an overall deal in the Congress, not trying to shut up Castro. It’s probably the latter.

Obama had to mend fences with Fox News.(3)

1. “Velvet Revolution’s Roots Obscure 20 Years Later ,”
3. “Major Garrett Among White House Correspondents to Interview Pres. Obama Today,”
and also,


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