Increasing clarity

Some imperialist maneuvers are forcing increasing clarity in Mideast related political factors.

Roger Cohen has introduced some noise.(1) If peace is impossible in the Mideast, then why was there Annapolis? One should not make a statement like that without mea culpas. One was either wasting time and helping I$rael’s image or there was a real prospect.

This past week, Fatah said the Palestinians and I$raelis came close to a peace agreement. So which was it, scam or near reality? I find it difficult to blame Abbas for what he tries to do now.

Now if the “New York Times” had published the blow-by-blow inside account of Annapolis and how it was never that close to a final status agreement — that would be different. Yet for Roger Cohen just to say in a casual column without factual preparation that Hamas wants detente and no peace agreement is possible, that’s irresponsible coming from the “New York Times.”

We here at MIM have over many years detailed the failures of Oslo. Yet we understand why Abbas probes reality at this time and we regret the idiocy of ex-comrades blocking the maximum effectiveness of that probe.

Ultimately the unity of the Palestinians comes about through the Palestinians’ convincing themselves of one direction or another. And if that unity fails to come about, they are correct to look at the external forces dividing them.

We credit Sarkozy for trying to raise the stakes. Today we learn the bullshit role of the “New York Times,” once again. It comes out under pressure.



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