Screw up: go to Plan B or even C

Today I was thinking something like this: “The psychologist concluded that hypnosis improves concentration through ‘priming’ the subject to respond more effectively to suggestions, shutting off the distracting activities.” (1) Hypnosis apparently can aid in concentration, contrary to what one might think.

Fatah is sticking with its plan to go to the Security Council with the Arab Peace Initiative; even though, the U.$. Senate objects. No Lenin-following communist in the imperialist countries, with the duty of ending imperialist wars disagrees. Fatah thus clarifies the political situation, complete with U.$. rejection.

The current situation had an opening for me to do the following:
1) Secure something Abbas wanted from the imperialists.
2) Secure something among the imperialists to cut down distractions, thereby purifying diplomacy.
It’s not possible thanks to ex-comrades who campaigned for Obama. Thanks to them, it will be harder for the people to buy back Abbas from the U.$. imperialists. He will be under more pressure.

I take the blame for never training my comrades in diplomacy or espionage: I forgot about it. All we had was COINTELPRO; although, the Black Panther training certainly said the pigs are the ones who disrupt the work, and with 2 million documents prevented from being distributed in this time that etext has been down, we know who the pigs are.

It would have been difficult in my demographic situation to build an Asian-unAmerikkkan party. I was too far ahead of the bulk of demographic material age-wise and also not developed in my own ways. In the future, comrades should build Asian-unAmerikkkan parties. There will be a great element of hit-or-miss in the struggle, but it must be undertaken.

I consider the 48 hours up. By getting out of the way, I help Abbas to consider other roads forward in the next two or three weeks. He knows the bribes thrown my way and rejected, and so he also knows I have some reason for believing I’m not able to deliver or I would have delivered and then resumed a normal career life. He still has some offensive potential in this time period, but I have nothing additional.

I think it is an excellent political approach to see who opposes the Arab Peace Initiative. All the Palestinians know the U.S. Senate did not want it, but I wasn’t sure myself and there will be many Amerikans who know nothing of it.

To those looking at the need for People’s War in the Third World, I say there are still major offensive cards for the imperialist country proletarian anti-war movement to play. The international united front should consider giving Fatah its chance to see if anything shakes loose soon.



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