EU selections

On Google News, BBC led the way yesterday in reporting the selection of the new European Union (EU) president, Herman van Rompuy.(1)

Catherine Ashton won the EU’s Foreign Minister position.

“The move, which came far more quickly than analysts had anticipated, installs two candidates with little experience in international politics, and in Ashton’s case none in diplomacy.”(2)

Voice of America was the first to break news of the idea that a female politician was up for an EU office.(3)

There were many criticisms of the selections, with one even suggesting it was a conspiracy choice.(4)

Turkey had just freed the leading Kurdish activist from solitary confinement. Now it is angry about relations with the EU.(5)

MIM sees good reasons for picking the candidates and we do not generally say one imperialist is worse than another, except in some cases where we have to parse the fascism question.

1. “Is the new EU President a good choice?”


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