The right not to be in office

There is no requirement to run for office, especially when the media does not allow a fair fight. You don’t get to fabricate a rape against someone, demand that he maneuver for office and then attempt to blackmail him when he does not.

Medvedev coordinated with the “New York Times.”

“‘It needs to start winning in an open fight,’ Medvedev said in a speech just before Putin’s keynote address.

“‘Democracy exists, at the end of the day, not for the party… but for the citizen,’ said Medvedev.

In a rare rebuke for the ruling party, the president lambasted regional offices of factions, including United Russia, for letting ‘office intrigues’ and ‘administrative procedures’ get in the way of democracy in elections.”(1)

Part of “democracy” or “liberal democracy” for the citizen is having the right not to take office just because one has been blackmailed.

The above and the recent articles from the New York Times, my arch-enemies and Huffington Post threaten in Aesopian language to release clandestinely taken sexual videos of me if I do not run for office. My ex-comrades may have forgotten what the principal contradiction is: I haven’t. It means sexual humiliation, being lumped in with Republicans, post-hoc conspiracies of slander — they are ALL subordinate to advancing the struggle against national chauvinism.

The sexual video threats I have not misinterpreted. If some material is aimed at Obama, then true, that’s a different meaning of not doing benefit for the party.



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