Poll uncovers interesting global class struggle results

Globe-Scan surveyed 30,000 people across the world about capitalism. Only two countries out of 27 reached above 20% in support of the idea that capitalism is working well — the United $tates and Pakistan.

We would say that Pakistan has new democratic tasks to complete and that is why capitalism is still popular there. We also don’t know who they asked in Pakistan, perhaps only the urban rich.

“The poll found a sharp divide over the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1989. Large majorities in the rich countries regarded it as a positive development, contrasting with some nostalgia among former Soviet countries and elsewhere in the developing world. A majority of Russians (61 per cent) and Ukrainians (54 per cent) regarded the disintegration of the bloc as mainly a bad thing.”

This is another sign that MIM Thought has started to influence the pollsters themselves in what they ask.


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