Racist, homophobic pilgrims

Today the USA Today retraces the history of the Pilgrim movement to the United $tates in the context of supporting mandatory payments to the insurance companies, known as a healthcare plan.(1)

Post-modernists would say there is no clear answer to an historical question, but inevitably they are wrong. Either the Dutch rose in purity and then left the church or they were purged for impurities long before they left for Amerika and then claimed a different church.

It’s no secret that the types of people purged from Europe were disproportionately the riff-raff that needed a second chance in Amerikkka, which they took to oppress other peoples.

Healthcare article “Progress on health care,” “Our view on health care: Necessary health overhaul moves step closer to success,” http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/, 23Nov09.


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