The neo-colonial double standard, AGAIN

There is not a single persyn who was ever in MIM who opposed the Black Panthers. No one said the Black Panther paper should have been shut down because Eldridge Cleaver was the main responsible persyn and he was a convicted rapist, known to talk about “pussy” in crude terms even after release. No one in SDS said the Black Panthers should be shut down after the “supine” remark of Black Panthers talking about the role of females at key SDS meetings.

However, there are people working with the imperialist state now who have raised various and sundry complaints which would not add up to what happened in one week of Huey Newton’s life, which these pig collaborators previously defended.

And frankly speaking, my detractors combined don’t have the 20+ year record of promoting heterosexual female careers that I do, not to mention LGBT rights.

They are simply selling the oppressed nations short –especially Palestine — so that rich people like themselves can have a federal healthcare program. And so it has always been with Euro-Amerikans, coming up with excuses to oppress the world for their own material concerns. They are stupid enough to think that no one noticed what they did and that they can just get away with it instead of acknowledging political realities.


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