Obliviousness and email leaks

I apologized to my lyncher at a time when discussion groups with leaks from the CIA and (now we know) her own supporters came up in Aesopian and not-so Aesopian form. Among the statements that came up in an Internet forum that I successfully shutdown was “DIE X.”

It was clear to me that some lower rungs in the intelligence world had figured out what happened, and some political activists as well. For some to use that apology against me only shows the obliviousness of the people doing so. It shows they would not apologize for death threats that appear to come in friendly forums.

It was very difficult for me, and I had to parse it a while, because I had not spoken with my lyncher directly in over a decade, but I needed to know what was going on. In retrospect, and as I said at the time on the website the lynch-mob has succeeded in taking down, this was another typical COINTELPRO-style tactic of trying to pin death threats on me.

To me, not knowing which of the participants were my lynchers’ friends, it looked like my lyncher was going to be lynched. And that scared me. It is her fault for this whole situation, because I wrote anonymously until this problem came along again.


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