Who-oriented angle to our current problems

I would like to reiterate to the international united front that I am still collecting information. Even if my arch-enemies act out of check, it’s not very smart of them at this time.

The real problem right now comes from ex-comrades.

Flaunting CIA and FBI ties, the Strasserites had said one was MOSSAD. That would have the advantage of explaining what is going on right now. The comrade was confronted with this accusation and denied it.

I’ve had several indications from several sources of a more plausible story of a problem in the international united front, some kind of bribery or other problem with another ex-comrade causing problems. I don’t want to appear oblivious to all the indications, including shadowy admissions by the country itself.

The problem with this more plausible story is that Liberals planted a similar but false story in a parallel and different situation. Fucking Liberals cannot admit that when it comes down to it, the left-wing of parasitism is simply susceptible to fascism and goes looking for excuses abroad. It was the same exact problem with social-democrats in Germany. The Nazis walked all over them.

When it comes to dealing with my ex-comrades, I think I would prefer the depiction in “Law Abiding Citzen,” which could refer to me or my arch-enemies. At least this frank Hollywood depiction geared toward FBI self-flattery shows struggle and reasons why struggle is not always lop-sided. By comparison, my ex-comrades seem not very thorough.


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