Squash the truth on the Mideast forever?

I’m not trying to jinx the Schalit deal. The Palestinians can judge.

Regarding the carrot-and-stick approach of the imperialists, since I went to the bench there have been two kinds of sticks — 1) sticks putting the U.$. imperialists in a deeper diplomatic hole; 2) sticks again conspiring to enslave me.

In my opinion, in this latest round of geopolitics we are going to see Europe hold a little firmer than usual. It’s too late to cover up the truth.

In shutting down the MIM website, the enemy has left a larger role for the British Guardian.

Sarkozy, Brown and the new EU politicians can handle the individualist problems and the holes in the U.$. story. That’s how Liberalism is supposed to work. There is no reason to continue the hoary U.$. tradition of creating diplomatic slaves. That’s from a by-gone era; although, post-modernist Amerikans don’t get it.

My ex-comrades are too susceptible to fascism for me to play a Liberal role, simply because I’ve got the poop on the Liberals. They’d rather let the “Guardian” do the job and no credit go to communists, which suits the Republicrats and fascists fine.


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