Warning to media not to defame me

This is fair warning to the media not to defame me further. I’m riding the pine; I hold no office and do not run for any office.

I will have no difficulty if need be in proving that this whole experience of mine has happened before, as part of Amerikkka’s hoary lynching traditions, especially in a situation of being in a diplomatic hole.

Conspiracy to enslave is a crime, not just defamation. Legal defenses will not include that you the media were the ones to put Amerika in the diplomatic hole and that you have made profit from gossip and Aesopian stories about me. The fact that lynch mob rumors to create work-for-nothing diplomats are traditional is not going to be a defense.

The physical threats are also increasingly obvious.

If you want to enslave someone, try docking your officials’ pay. Alternatively, you can also enslave those paid to conduct anti-social behavior. Don’t look at me here: I paid time and money to create MIM.

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