Not a mystery we want to have

The MOSSAD took offense to my last mention of them, of course. If my comrades were paying attention, they would have noticed something the MOSSAD just did caused by my ex-comrades.

I’m under intense scrutiny because of the rape fabrication and because the website went down. Because people are not going to take this all at a straight-on-my-verbal-say-so, they are going to look into documents. And what they are going to find is two different contexts in which an ex-comrade is mentioned as MOSSAD.

Now what if the ex-comrade was not MOSSAD, but now as part of a due diligence investigation MOSSAD is being mentioned in the same breath as rape fabrications, neo-Nazis and the shutdown of the world’s most powerful anti-Amerikkkan website? Do you think you would resent it if you were MOSSAD? What do you think you might do to catch my attention?

And do you think the MOSSAD is the only one going to have doubts? How do you think this looks to the international proletariat, after all the warnings we gave it? It looks like we have no ability to deliver even clean diplomatic cards, and the kicker is that the two sides reinforce each other.

The most obvious beneficiary of all this was the Democratic Party, as I predicted in “What’s New?” months in advance. It looks like the Democratic Party cannot leave campaign mode to enter governance mode, in which truth matters if not to U.$. voters, then to other significant actors in the world, on both sides, the imperialists and the proletariat.

Truth matters. Reality matters. People outside Hollywood, outside Amerikkka and even outside a couple putrid Internet discussion boards (which endorsed Obama) matter.


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