Saudi bombing of Yemen

[This is another horrible article with Aesopian content.]

Regarding the Saudi bombing of Yemen, my ex-comrades are letting the bourgeois press lead the way, because of their racist standards of un-reasoning.

Today, the “Financial Times” is hitting the mark, hard, while my ex-comrades f* up and try to drag the revolution backwards. It confirms what I just said about Europe standing firmer. Here we are being made to look stupid, where if ever there was a case for saying to write off the imperialist country “Left,” if ever there was a moment justifying Islamic radicalism and exclusively Islamic radicalism, now is that moment. The Che-Libbers just can’t figure it out. It means that intelligent Leftism cannot be transmitted and is therefore worthless. Imperialist Leftism’s secular properties were supposed to be valued. Now we have the upper ranks of the capitalist class figuring things out and the Muslims’ figuring things out while Amerikan “Leftists” take pride in their perversely racist resistance to truth.

My ex-comrades have been told by various international sources why they are wrong. They don’t recognize it or they are bribed. Undoubtedly it’s a combination of both.

I have always opposed Aesopian writing, which is not surprising given that MIM’s readers were so heavily prisoners and speakers of English as a second language. Here I am getting a double-whammy, once because of stories spread and screwed up by ex-comrades involved with the lynching and once by the government media’s leakage of Aesopian racism to reinforce twisted conceptions of struggle.

The (“Che-Libs”) and RCP=CIA are actively in the way of revolution.


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