Again on Satanism

Later 1990s discussion of Satanism is for most purposes either a pointer or relevant to the ideological background of the CIA and neo-conservatism leading up to the Iraq War. It’s really almost separate, though it cannot be entirely, from events in 1989-1991.

In the 1989-1991 events there was no mention of Satanism; although, certain condensed mentions of ideas about eugenics, “no rules,” being willing to accept scary intellectual argument etc. were there. In linking the 2008 period to that, we should also see that there is no simple way to divide religion and atheism. The U.$. side is complicated that way, because we would find professional Christians on both sides if we were to attempt an analysis along those lines.

It’s later in the early 2000s where there come to be intensified questions both of repression but also expanded war on the religious element of the Third World.


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