Promise to engage the Liberals

OK, I am prepared to go beyond humoring the Liberals and Trotskyists. I in fact promise to be available to be USED by the Liberals, at the very least in part of a trade to northern Korea for return considerations. After all, I have no website.

The two main variable factors are time and source of money to close up my shop. It’s been suggested before that I should have just gotten a ticket and gotten on a plane. That’s not within my reach because of business matters I have to attend to here and my being on the lower end of Amerikans finance-wise. However, I believe I understand some of the reasoning behind some recent ideas for action.

1. If elites have reason to believe things can wait, perhaps I would obtain private funding to be able to close up shop in January, then be traded.

2. If we want to be more sure that things will happen, the EU can offer me market value for my shop right now and re-sell it later. I would not ask for a special profit and I have ideas how that can be done. I would then help out the EU achieve its goals through a trade.

3. If U.$. elites believe I have to be read in to classified information via some formal U.S. Government process, then I think the way to do that is by having something public and dramatic happen first. So if I have to be appointed to some job somewhere just to read something, I’m willing to do that and undertake a suggested plan.

I do not want a U.S. Government job solely for the purpose of giving me a salary. A salary would remedy one problem, but there are other problems that would need to be taken care of. I too have uncertainties.

I’m working to wrap up here and be prepared for something like this to start happening Sunday.

If some prisoners need to be released before Christmas, I can wrap up shop sooner if there is a source of funding for that.


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