Where we are now: resummarizing the JDPON

Harvard has held a whirlwind of seminars this past week. I even found myself in a middle-of-the-road position on a topic of major importance handled in two talks. Perhaps the most important item touched on whether the United $tates should run India and India run the United $tates, because that way government would be more impartial.

The problem with the idea is that as it stands now, Indians do not have the information and vice-versa. So foreign observers could be impartial but uninformed.

Readers will recall that MIM held we need a “re-civilization” or “de-lousing” stage in the rich countries, before material in those countries would exist to build socialism. We specifically argued that after World War II, Stalin saw to reparations from Germany and the Soviet Union officially did not say that even the Soviet-occupied zone was building socialism. Most offered the explanation that the influence of Nazi ideology was too deep. MIM offered an economic explanation why there was no basis for building socialism in Germany.

I point this out at this time because of an increasing likelihood that I will be drawn into high-level elite conflicts on a Liberal basis, because of highly contingent historical events some are calling coincidences, others something else. My motivations will come under question, which is why it is important that the international united front recall the overall picture.

What we have seen in the past two years of class struggle is that the international united front can make incremental gains in the de-lousing struggle, without direct control of the imperialist state. Whatever happens with a few individuals in the rich countries lacking a real proletariat to aid the international struggle, this should not be forgotten.

It can be said a goal of this stage of incremental struggle is to transfer information to India (as a metaphor for the whole Third World) about its globalizing dominator. We have talked about how without organization to make the question of surplus-value concrete across nations, there can be only Titoism. Tito-ism in old economics language is rooted in provincial rent-seeking.

In the United $tates we have Alaskans rich because of their oil. This is something that brings home the Titoism question for Amerikans. Islam is trying to handle this question as well be restributing oil wealth through Islamic channels.

When the international proletariat finally gets a handle on the global economy, it will be able to dominate global politics. Right now the proletarian hand is on the elephant, but India is not ready to run the United $tates.


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