Healthcare is secondary

The healthcare issue is secondary. People supporting the Democrats on healthcare are supporting the Afghanistan war, and general Mideast instability, whether they know it or not.

Obama like Kerry before him in 2004 campaigned for increased prioritization of the Afghan war. That’s why Obama just approved his third increase in troops for Afghanistan. Obama chose a road during his campaign, that once he went down it by picking up pieces of Bush’s support, he would have to make some bad trades along the way.

MIM had cards to end both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but the Avakian-Kerry-Obama clique campaigned for the Afghanistan war and got in MIM’s way on a who-oriented basis. In this maneuver, they tried to have it both ways–both joining the neo-conservatives in rabid attacks on Islam and yet claiming they were different than Bush because they were Democrats. The counterrevolutionaries succeeded in confusing most of the world’s petty-bourgeoisie.

The issue of healthcare not being primary for us, what we see is the politics. To expect Republicans to keep quiet during diplomacy while carrying out policies that could not have gone anywhere without 60 senators and a Democratic president is just not political reality. By supporting Democrats on healthcare at this time, the anti-war movement props up the wars and occupations.

The global warming issue is more important. However, even that issue can become an excuse for supporting Democrats. On the plus side, since McCain campaigned for action against global warming, this is also not quite as much of a domestic U.$. issue regardless of diplomacy.

If the Republicans do not win on healthcare, they will just pull it out of Obama’s hide somewhere else, most likely in international issues.

Democrats are talking total persynal bullshit against me at the moment, but their cards are weak and if played will only cause other cards to come into play. MIM’s own localized cards are sufficient to deal with the Democrats.

The Democrats need to switch to persynal attacks, because they can’t win at the level of principle. They seek to distract people from the fact that they have other roads they can go by piling on me Alinsky-style. It’s a shell game. People who cannot see beyond the individual shell game do not know how to fight for nation or class.



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