Mideast update

The I$raelis are talking about what can be voted on in 80 days.

I’m also still behind the idea of an economic cooling off period before Palestinians vote, so withdrawals come first and then voting. As long as the I$raelis have put something on the table as to where things are going, that could work.

That’s not new. EU involvement is somewhat new and a source of hope for us benched. If in 80 days, the I$raelis voted down or accepted an EU proposal that Fatah accepted, that would be of utmost interest. Contrary to appearances, I believe I$rael already knows what Fatah would accept and if there are any differences between that and what the EU is saying.

Perhaps Hamas could head the government in the economic cool-off period in exchange for giving the Fatah/EU plan a chance for a vote.



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