What I want to tell Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards is getting a lot of grief for defending her man at all in a combination with criticism. I think her critics are depoliticized and don’t realize just how serious the problem of ‘ho life is. I’ve never campaigned for office and I know that fanatic Democrats, the mafia and corporations — not to mention governments — send female after female relentlessly. Liberals turn the issue into one man’s character — John Edwards’s — but in actual fact the pattern suggests a broader corruption of sexual life that should be highlighted and understood.

The media would rather the issue be one of one man’s life so that it can continue selling pornographic individual stories instead of studying the pattern in the females behind the multiple scandals. Closely connected to depoliticizing pornography strategy is the idea that there are no bitches, no ‘hos and for that matter no females with agency, as the academics say of the idea of individual free will to responsibility and action.

Historical origins of RCP spying with females on MIM

The first time MIM caught a female RCP zombie surreptitiously photographing us was over 25 years ago in the Harvard Science Center cafe. I went to the “Revolution Books” in Central Square, took the honcho there outside and informed him, to which he said, “so you want the photos back?” My stern silence clued him in that it was not that kind of photographing: “Oh, that’s serious,” he said. The “RCP” acted as if the problem was taken care of via purge, but it was in fact the beginning of a whole pattern of life with the “RCP.”

It was not me who caught the female. Another founding comrade caught her and told me later. She was photographing us while we were engaged in serious conversations with recruiters.

Why didn’t I catch her? Ironically, the answer to that could also have come from another RCP female, responsible for liaison with me. According to her I was the one who didn’t ogle females on the street, “none of that.”

At the time, I had a vague idea about the spontaneous progressiveness of all females. In fact, I had already a couple years earlier slept with someone who recently admitted she applied to the CIA as a teenager. Youth and libido perhaps carried all. There was no problematic in gender for me yet, just superstititious religion holding back free love. If my girlfriend had a problematic father, I was sure to imbibe some propaganda about how children are not their parents: nothing was to get in the way of my love life.

By 1990, I had figured out some things and was on my way to picking hitherto unknown CIA agents out of auditoriums with hundreds of people in them. My comrade took the countersurveillance load that day in the Harvard Science Center, but I learned. What I would say to the young male dragons is not to be sucked in by political correctness or ideas about the spontaneous virtue of females. Females are being thrown into battle, often right at you.

The ‘ho structure thinks nothing of sending attractive younger females to live with you, date you or just follow you around and spy on you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The females in oblivious denial just don’t know reality, the same way the left-wing of parasitism can’t admit the white “workers” are not exploited in the United $tates.

The general difference between male spies and female spies

Just before the etext.org took down our website to reward a lynching, I had already reported to you our readers about females sent to wait for me at ice cream shops, Au Bon Pain and other places I usually frequent — just for the purpose of creating a scandal. A couple females scoffed and said females would not do that, not our perfect American wimmin. One male youth even got in on the act at Au Bon Pain.

I myself have been drawn into White House politics solely because of a sex scandal. It occurs to me that when the state is predominantly male, this is how politicization of females occurs. I am the exception to the rule as a heterosexual male dragged into Republicratic politics I did not want to be in. Also like most females, I’m not in the kind of condition where my picture can sell a ton of magazines.

Sex is a hook that works for sure in dragging people into Liberal politics. The scandal I was in has now dragged several other females into the Pornographic Spectacle Machine. The trouble is that I know I resent it, but at least I have an analysis. Probably most females dragged into Liberal pornography politics just resent it. The exceptions are ‘hos going to make money as Tiger Woods’s now famous lovers. Those are clearly what we call socialized men, because they benefit so much from pornography. Many of the females I know probably still carry some enchantment with privacy and do not want or cannot obtain the benefits of pornography production.

When sex is not for reproduction and not for physical pleasure for its own sake, it is left to MIM to tell Amerikkkan society that the error term is containing the majority of sexual interactions. The error term is ‘ho life, where sex is exchanged against power, an exchange that occurs less and less frequently as females themselves become more powerful over the centuries.

The most honest and accountable ‘ho exchange is prostitution where sex is exchanged for money. Because the exchange is so direct and easy to monitor, it is the most accountable of ‘ho exchanges. The least accountable exchanges are spying of females on males. Males also spy on females, but as we can imagine, with fewer females in the state and politics, it occurs less often.

When Alinskyites set up men with scandals with paid females, they are acting as the vanguard in the production of ‘ho life. The Alinskyites are telling females that their bodies are not sacred or enchanted for the purposes of either reproduction or even sex for its own sake. Instead, sex is something to be used and exchanged for something else. This is cast as duty to the Democratic Party. Scientific communists should prefer prostitutes to pseudo-communist females because prostitutes are more honest and realistic.

The KKK in the United $tates is run by the RCP=CIA in the North. That’s why we found the pseudo-Maoists organizing the pro-KKK rally against Boston busing for integration, an event Ted Kennedy duly noted in his memoir.

The Northern style of lynching involves females carrying out political correctness codes for their region. The secret services and white females within spying carry an advantage in the North in that we males are not supposed to scrutinize females that much. First of all, by pseudo-feminist definition, we need not scrutinize females, because they can’t be doing anything evil. They are in fact just about at any minute going to start anarchy if we would just let them according to the implicit idea of many pseudo-feminists. Second of all, we are not supposed to scrutinize females because there might be sexual content.

In this sense, male spies are at a disadvantage in spying on males.

I’m not the story

I seem exceptional to spy agencies, only because there are only so many comrades interested in international issues and within that, even a smaller minority that would actually try to do something. However, for real political engagement, the truth is that I am unexceptional, both because I’m a normal heterosexual guy and because I draw so much attention because of the lopsided budget question.

The real interesting question is where all the money to spy on me comes from and why there are so many females who think nothing of exchanging their sexuality against politics.

After I wrote about the females at the ice cream shop, the people at Au Bon Pain, the people following me into bars, yeah there was one outside the hamburger shop. When they hold up the phone with the little glass square pointed in your direction, when it would be easier to type messages another way, that’s a clue. She was an absolutely exquisite beauty, but whether she was middle school or 30, I don’t know. She seemed independent enough and definitely knew how to play with her shoes to draw attention to her naked legs.

Is this female hoping to be some center of scandal, maybe get in a magazine or go on a reality show some day? I hope not.

The male professionals know that I’m going to read the titles of their books from across the hallway, but females still hope to get away with something. It is indeed a pattern of females being sent.

Not all the females I scrutinize or find enchanting are spies, but the percentage is much higher than anyone will admit. Males reveal themselves in certain contexts and so do females. It cannot always be analyzed in one shot.

People uncomfortable with this sort of warfare should seek to abolish ‘ho life. There is no way female spies are going to get a pass from real revolutionaries, pc codes be damned.

My attitude has been attributed to the race and gender intersection, but that’s not the whole issue if we go all the way back to the RCP=CIA’s original spying on MIM.

What I want to say to Elizabeth Edwards is that even when men rebuff younger attractive females, determined Alinskyite spies just make up other scandals against men. The irony is that females themselves are least likely to believe that spying is going on, because disproportionately, it is not the females at the edge of power.

“Women also mate to get the things they think they want – drugs, handbags, jobs, drugs. ‘The degree to which economics plays out in sexual motivations,’ Buss says, ‘surprised me. Not just prostitution. Sex economics plays out even in regular relationships. Women have sex so that the guy would mow the lawn or take out the garbage. You exchange sex for dinner.’ He quotes some students from the University of Michigan. It is an affluent university, but 9% of students said they had ‘initiated an attempt to trade sex for some tangible benefit’.”

Nine percent is a lot of females and the question does not ask what the percentage would be in a single year if the amount of money involved rose. Nonetheless, this “Guardian” article quoted above carries a heavy dose of reality and cites the diversity in females that makes it difficult to generalize to a feminist road forward. Liberals throw up their hands, but we Maoists keep at it.

Tanya Gold, “Why women have sex,” http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/sep/28/sex-women-relationships-tanya-gold

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