Objectivity on lynching

I’ll take the backseat to no one on objectivity regarding my own lynching. Thus far I have yet to give the gory details, because I want a formal process, not a rehearsal process.

The media is speculating in this direction and that direction in the United $tates and the foreign media is also involved a little. If you add up the global picture, there is an interesting argument afoot, but on the whole, you still don’t have the gory details that should arise after a formal process. Instead the ‘ole boys’ network tries to decide things it does not know about at a distance.

I’ve noticed huge chunks of process missing from the media’s reasoning, that I can get into once it commits to paper in non-Aesopian English. It appears that even some in the media have noticed that there is a difference between an negatively paid pundit like myself and well-paid pundits that have to pander to a clients.

The Power Structure’s Media (PSM, not to be confused with PMS, but also translatable as Pornographic Spectacle Machine) has an interest in selling papers but also in watering down what happened to make itself look good. The reasoning goes that the rulers could not possibly be involved in something so ugly as what I have yet to describe in full detail and if they were, certainly the media would have stopped them in time — an idea as false as the one that free speech stopped the cigarette companies.

In the hands of the PSM, biography becomes another word for pornography for profit and turning down the turbulence in international ruling class relations. In contrast, my own motivations include both duty to the party and revolution on the one hand, and a desire to keep a girlfriend on the other. That’s why it’s unlikely that anyone will ever have turned over as many rocks as I did to understand that lynching.

When we add in that most of the media is too young and inexperienced with intelligence to pursue questions outside the PSM, it becomes even more of a slamdunk that I am in fact more objective than the pundits pursuing me. The question at hand is NOT what the media has been discussing the past year. The question is whether the attackers created a scandal and then took advantage of time. That they did, and real intelligence professionals understand that and how the media demonstrates all signs of being stuck with 20 years of gossip and failed memories.


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