Al Gore and the “pedophile card”

The international united front has to learn to be able to distinguish among its diplomatic cards. In my case, we have at least a royal flush and a half of real intelligence cards. Such cards should never be seen as inferior to campaign related cards. Campaign cards are a dime a dozen. If they were to count, one would never conduct diplomacy with the united $tates. The analytical point is also involved with knowing how common various social behaviors are in the united $tates.

For Al Gore to use the “pedophile card” at this moment would be most excellent in fact. The first to drop the pedophile insinuation in public was Ward Churchill, then my lyncher.

The “pedophile card” at this moment reveals itself as doubly connected to the investment in my lynching. For Al Gore to use the lynching in 2004 would not have been unusual. (The recommended length of time for an infiltration gambit card is 20 years.) Certainly it would have been perfect for Al Gore’s successor in 2008, had Gore won in 2000.

It is my fault not to understand what the innuendoes were about till 2009. In fact, I did not understand the political origin of this card till now. George W. Bush was governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. Rick Perry was his lieutenant governor and Rick Perry had campaigned for Al Gore in 1988.

Gore is implicated in real surveillance against me and now manufacturing of pedophile cards. If the Democrats were to use those cards at the climate change summit, they would just blow up in their face. The real meaning would be to oppose reparations to the developing countries to help them abandon unfavorable technologies. The developing world should let Gore/Obama/Bush play their cards against me, the sooner the better. It’s very important not to go into overtime.

The main weakness of our position is its thinness personnel-wise. Over time, the herd invents more and more crap to bring us down to their level.

“Rick Perry: Al Gore has ‘gone to hell,’ ”


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