Federal court dismisses FOIA

On December 18, the Boston branch of U.S. Federal Court dismissed our FOIA from 2007 asking for Defense Department documents on MIM.

The Defense Department did not oppose the FOIA, only wrote a vacuous letter and never delivered. By their own published rules, the DoD is supposed to release FOIAs within 10 days.

The Federal Court’s decision proved that the FOIA is not worth the paper it is written on. The Court gave no reason for that decision but said the complaint against the Bank of America was vague.

We had already explained that the DoD FOIA was the cornerstone of our complaint and that we were entitled to its results before the Bank of America’s assignees sued me in 2009.

The defeat in the Boston branch of federal court does not end MIM’s fight for FOIA documents and an end to leak-slanders.

See also the advertising intimidation game Bank of America played



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