Rape fabrication is not “dissent”

They called it “Martha Nussbaum democracy,” here at a recent Harvard conference as another name for “productive democracy” to replace “social democracy.” Participants played ole’ boys’ network games substituting Martha Nussbaum for “dissent.” The problem is that I am not a government official and never have been. No one is “dissenting” against me yet.

Even at the nitty-grittiest level of my situation, I am talking about my complaints against government officials. Yes, the people involved in manufacturing and distributing rape fabrications are government officials, not me. However, the Democratic Party serving media does not care: it’s who pays the subscriptions.

What it really comes down to is how much the Democratic Party has always seen MIM as a threat. Additionally there is the stupidity of the left-wing of parasitism, that even though it knew full well that the CIA was following the situation as early as 2005, it collaborated with the CIA in continuing to spread rumors it had no possibility of getting away with.


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