I am pleased to announce that for once I have good news. A young female I never saw before followed me into two different places in three days. That was hard to do because they are places neither of which I had gone to in months and they are far apart. However, today I saw her with someone else, which makes me think she is mature enough to be a grad student or a reporter not attempting to make a scene in some kind of gotcha.

I was studying ESPN aptly on television when my pursuer sat between me and the TV. Happily I have now learned that Kobe was voted player of the decade, that Sullinger is the high school phenom of the year and that Shaq and Lebron James are only +5 so far when on the court at the same time.

While we are on the subject of good news, some of you our readers have carried out a peaceful retaliation for an injustice against me. Thank you. I do realize I am not alone; even though, communists are not popular here.


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