Same ‘ole lesson in December

Once again we saw in December the ‘ole boys’ network (OBN) demonstrate its stupidity and lack of credibility — via the same ‘ole ways. The OBN sought to blame me for its own hydra-headedness, its desire to have things more than both ways while hiding behind immature masks.

Once again my graciousness was taken as weakness and once again the OBN failed as a result to investigate its own stupidity. The result was the same ‘ole potato-chip-eating racism.

There is a reason for accountability, but the OBN can’t figure it out. There is no intelligent persyn in the world that wants to make deals with immature people hiding behind masks, trying to have things several different ways. The overuse of masks is so extensive, there is no way that the OBN itself could tell anyone what the OBN was doing at any given moment.

It’s an acceptance of muddle-through racism and stupidity when many members of the OBN won’t be able to say themselves what is going on.

The British had a chance to cut through the bullshit at any point in the last few months, but decided to have-it-both-ways. To influence the elections coming up in a few months, one would have to act now.


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