Third effort to frame me for perjury in 2009

There have been three efforts to convince me I am guilty of perjury in the latter half of 2009 — the first perjury suggestions I’ve faced in my life. It’s been a coordinated effort linked to the Obama administration.

The first was at a case management meeting in my civil case with the then federally owned Bank of America’s assignee. The opposing attorney tried to convince me that my by-then fired attorney had admitted to my owning the account that the attorney claimed was due. (The opposing attorney told me I was responsible for documents produced by my attorney.) The move was part of a gambit to get me to settle the suit. In a search of court records I found no record claiming that the opposing attorney got the account number right. It was a bluff.

The second effort concerned my driver’s license and the Los Angeles Superior Court, which has a database showing my license either with no citations on it or one, depending on how it is read. After Massachusetts looked into its database and told me there was no record to cause my license to be suspended still in December, 2009, I became suspicious and mailed back the temporary driver’s license and made yet another trip to the Mass. RMV. I was assured and shown this time directly that no state had any outstanding complaint against me in the records.

Now the Department of Defense is in on the act with a letter regarding FOIA it sent me December 22nd.

“”Under penalty of perjury, I hereby declare that I am the person named above and I understand that any falsification of this statement is punishable under the provisions of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001″

The address is as follows:

Defense Intelligence Agency
Attn: DAN-1A (FOIA)
Washington, DC 20340

This statement can also be scanned and e-mailed or faxed to (301) 394-5356. If you have any questions, you may respond to this e-mail or contact our FOIA Requester Service Center at (301) 394-5587.”

It’s clear that the Obama administration realizes it has little credibility and has set up networks across the country to try to nail me for perjury, any way they can.


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