December again

Again, I don’t know fully what happened in December. I’ve seen conflicting explanations, but you can be sure that how I interpreted what happened is that there was a lack of dramatic action and just an effort to influence the media and my soon-to-be-decided federal case. The typical Alinskyite approach puts focus on motivations, so I assumed that’s what happened as par for the course.

That’s not to say some good things did not happen and that some people did not make masked arguments on my behalf, but that would also be true going back a long time now.

One thing we learn in anti-pedophile training is avoiding walking into traps. It sticks with you your whole life. If you have to go somewhere, plan it in advance and stay in public places. There was a surprise for me in December I was not expecting, but I still don’t know how to interpret it.

I received some key information with two hours to go and I stayed on course and made it to my appointment with no dithering, but nothing happened. So it was more Alinskyite smoke and mirrors I assumed.

Other than that — my own independent security work — I don’t put stock in the physical security problem, because there is too much political trouble with it. I had a federal case where I was arguing what? And the media was led to believe there was no problem with what? So put two and two together and you know how it looked to me.


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