My limits

I see my function as wrapped up with international events. At the moment, I believe Livni and Hamas that there is no Charles DeGaulle ready for big decisions in I$rael. So in this sense, Abbas and I lost and it’s time to show our lynching card. Otherwise, it’s cheating at cards. I don’t see economic and security peace as other than what Netanyahu would have done; although, I see the argument about incremental changes in language on two states.

I hope no one is asking me to separate off my own life from international events. My own work for justice in my own situation fully coincides with international events. Again, had it been a fake abortion and I was being cast out of the Catholic Church or some other such similar political low blow, I wouldn’t be saying that, so it’s a question of limits, and something going way over the line.

I understand there are tons of cards against me out there, but I keep Willie Horton in mind and the 2000 South Carolina push poll that did not depend on facts, but simple gullibility of people. Sometimes when you lose, you lay down a marker for struggle for the future. Asian-unAmerikkkan people need to know where the struggle is at, what level.

My enemies can try to make me look like Willie Horton, but that too would be something to learn from and I’m OK with that. I’m not OK with letting my own justice situation and cheating at cards both happen.

Hopefully people realize that’s what I have said all along and are not asking me to go beyond my limits.


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