Bush poodles back Obama

On January 6, there was a row in England over Gordon Brown’s Labour Party candidacy for prime minister. Jostling over candidacy was supposed to be over in 2009 and it is hard to campaign without a candidate, so the conflict took on added importance: it was called a coup attempt in the media.

The appearance has been created that Iraq War cheerleaders Tony Blair and Geoff Hoon support Obama by attacking Brown in Hoon’s case and by defending Bush’s handling of the Iraq War in Blair’s case. Former Defense Secretary Hoon has attacked Brown for not allocating additional money for Afghanistan helicopters.(1) Hoon himself was for the Iraq War and threatened Iraq with nuclear weapons.(2)

Meanwhile Tony Blair was saying the Iraq War was a good thing, because Saddam Hussein was funding Palestinian suicide bombers.(3) A major Labour Party figure’s reminding people about the merits of the Iraq War was probably the last thing the Labour Party needed given polls showing overwhelming opposition in England to the Iraq War.

Regarding the Mideast, Blair said: “‘All I say to people on President Obama is he’s just a year into his administration, so let’s give the guy a chance. Let’s hope that over this next period of weeks we can get this thing [the peace process] together.'”(3)

The appearance has been created that Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon are willing to go farther on behalf of Obama than Gordon Brown and EU leaders. The conflict raises the question whether not just Amerikkkans but even Brits are entitled to the real poop on the Iraq War, both regarding Gitmo and how the war machine got Hillary Clinton by the gonads.

At the moment, the U.$. media is still saying that not just the Third World, but not even the Brits who served in Iraq are entitled to the truth, “because the system can’t handle it.” We will address that situation in a future article. The problem is that the media and politicians cannot seem to separate lynching and war on the one hand from political correctness and campaign perception spin on the other. Everything is equal in the world of post-modernism and MTV.

On the plus side, the Labour Party is probably in enough trouble that it could use an end to some wars just to salve its own wounds.

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3. “Blair to Haaretz: Global terror is one battle, one struggle,” By Adar Primor,

“And last night Mr Hoon appeared to concede the plot had failed. He was challenged on Newsnight: ‘If you were Brutus, Caesar would be fine, wouldn’t he?’ He replied: ‘I am afraid he would.'”


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