Fawning media irresponsible: “the system can’t take it”

Since the lynching problem came to the surface, Krugman at the New York Times was the first to admit that the system cannot handle the truth. Now David Brooks has made a follow-up argument of a very similar nature:

“In the near term, the tea party tendency will dominate the Republican Party. It could be the ruin of the party, pulling it in an angry direction that suburban voters will not tolerate. But don’t underestimate the deep reservoirs of public disgust. If there is a double-dip recession, a long period of stagnation, a fiscal crisis, a terrorist attack or some other major scandal or event, the country could demand total change, creating a vacuum that only the tea party movement and its inheritors would be in a position to fill.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this movement. But I can certainly see its potential to shape the coming decade.”(1)

Brooks’s column is actually a pretty good explanation why the educated class or Establishment never leads a successful battle against racism. The need is to create campaign spin perceptions instead of addressing the really serious problems. If a really serious case of racism appeared, it would risk the credibility of the media that had hitherto focussed on political correctness trivia.

An example is the Harry Reid controversy now in the media. Prior to the 2008 election the media was filled with discussion of the “Bradley effect,” which showed that Blacks are not elected as much as people claim to vote for them. Now former Viriginia governor Wilder appears out of nowhere and says all that was disproved in his election as a Black governor long before 2008.(2) So now we are left to wonder whether Harry Reid was speculating on reality of Black candidate chances or what. Nonetheless, Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid is under attack for political correctness terminology, when the media has failed to handle the lynching question all along.

The attacks on Reid show that the Democratic Party and its media can only report private remarks on the scale of political correctness errors. In the same period of time, the U.$. media cannot handle a serious question of lynching.

The Obama campaigners have a long history of believing in the need for racist stunts to “awaken” the “working class,” which does not see things the way the left-wing of parasitism does. To cover up these stunts, the Obamautons now point the racist finger elsewhere.

The Obamautons tried to manufacture attacks on me as a racist to cover up their lynching. They were caught saying I was responsible for a racist cartoon, which I had actively opposed. The ones spreading the political correctness falsehoods were my lyncher and the usual Obamautons. Their action is right out of a written plan which proves me right over and over. Now the Democrats sink deeper and deeper into this same problem of needing to come up with post-hoc perceptions of others as racists.

David Brooks is wrong. The center of world history is not the tea party movement. That’s the kind of cynicism the RCP=CIA promotes in its wishful Amerikkka-centered world. Just because Amerikkkans cannot pull their heads out of their racist and national chauvinist asses and have no means of figuring that out does not mean the rest of the world is equally hopeless. The international population is decisive, not the Amerikkkan population.

I was the first persyn that I know of to publish an article saying that polls showing Clinton way ahead of Obama including among Blacks before Iowa in 2008 were misleading. I pointed out that when Blacks learned Obama was Black, they would turn to him. Readers are now losing sight of that, because Obamautons took down the MIM website in an effort to deprive the oppressed of history, as is typical for racist attackers.

Nonetheless, the whole Harry Reid controversy is a political correctness fabrication. Among the politicians here, we should not use “Negro,” which is not to say there are not Malcolm X books out there that Al Qaeda was wrong to quote, contrary to Bush Secretary of State Condi Rice. The Third World anti-imperialist movement should have some people studying the finer points of U.$. culture, including how the word “Negro” disappeared. It is only the Third World that will know that the Reid dust-up is about trivia while larger issues burn undiscussed. The Third World must bring a sense of proportion to the United $tates, that the Amerikkkans themselves will never come up with.

Reid and other Democrats should resign for much more serious racism than being discussed.

1. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/05/opinion/05brooks.html
2. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2010/01/10/wilder-sounds-off-on-reid-remark-controversy/


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