Two stage struggle update

There seem to be some who think the healthcare bill in Congress can solve some career problems for me.

I would like to convince the international united front that the struggle has two stages. Let’s credit the Liberals for being the ones to point out that my own right to run for office was destroyed by a fabrication. I would not have thought of it — because I gave up on office at age 18. Within their logic, however, I see the point. We have sunk so low that there is a struggle just for that needed.

In fact, some historians of slavery have spoken on my case in Aesopian language and noted the similarity with some 18th century practices. (I don’t always name people who support me at arm’s length.) True, I would say the enslavement was attempted enslavement.

The Democrats are involved in a long list of civil rights related violations, to put this problem in U.$. language. Now we have Republican senators attacking for “double standards” regarding race, where racial mistakes by Democrats do not count or even earn mention. The Republican struggle along these lines is a promising advance.

The second stage is actually winning office and then changing something that I would uniquely change. There has been a repeated tendency to compare me with people already in office and that leads to many errors when I have not gotten past the first stage yet.

One thing that happens is that people horse-trade towards the second stage and thereby water down the first stage. For me victory would be changing the rules. Young lynchers do not get to blame their mother for example. That sets the tone for the future, that one might get caught and pay a price. That’s one task of the first stage of the re-civilizing stage of class struggle in the imperialist countries.

Another task is the bounds of privacy connected to double standards. There needs to be an admission that there is a whole string of spying/extortion going on and that needs to be attacked, not upheld as “democracy.” It’s difficult to do if by one’s pseudo-feminist ideology, one half of the population is never guilty of anything and a minority of the population is subject to 24/7 out-of-context surveillance.

Finally, there is the task to connect to others at a similar stage of struggle internationally, most notably the Palestinians and Koreans.

On the one hand, we should always let oppressor systems admit their errors and reward forthcoming people. On the other hand, to the extent that second stage tasks get mixed in, there will be a tendency to create golden parachutes. Golden parachutes might be OK up to a point, but not when they interfere with the completion of first stage tasks.

That’s why it would be perhaps more thorough for the international united front to initiate the struggle for the U.$. right to hold office and opposing slavery/extortion. Conflicts in Palestine continue to heat up. Though I might take more second stage grief for it, it would be better for the first stage to let the international united front expose what it should expose instead of relying on Congress, if an international actor wants to do something this very minute before Congress does.

In that context, I’m uncertain of the purpose of certain maneuvers. Now he may say he made some mistakes, but clearly in the last two months Obama attempted to water down Palestinian cards. Therefore, I think it would be entirely appropriate for the answer to come outside U.$. borders too.

Within intra-bourgeois politics, it goes without saying that Obama should pay the price for lynching, not random members of Congress. Most of that is not up to me, but the Republican Party and Congress.

I’m perfectly happy as the historical witness, the Willie Horton of our day — someone who does not advance to the second stage but serves as a marker of struggle. If we win the first stage, we can still work for a second stage of revolution years later.

Another interesting intertwining of the first and second stage is that by vetting out the conspiracies in my past, some members of Congress may think I would run against them; therefore, they would have a self-interest opposing the first stage of revolution. For that problem, I am happy to say I would not run against anyone in the current Congress. It’s an admission that I cannot get to the second stage.

We have Jesse Jackson, former Gov. Wilder, Ralph Nader etc. who presumably do not owe the kinds of debts to the war machine Obama does. I’m afraid if Obama does not resign first with a date specified for the future, there is not likely to be a successful first stage of struggle via internal U.$. political forces. It is generally better to mobilize with regard to international forces. Perhaps that gives Senator Reid a comparison point so he can see where my analysis comes from, whether he agrees with it or not.


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