International update

I want to acknowledge that at the moment, Aesopian and diplomatic signs for the struggles I have been involved in lately are good. The investors conference the “Guardian” reported is one of many excellent signs.(1) Despite positive signs, we all think of the horror of the Haitians’ conditions at this particular moment.

There may be a little confusion with the CIA, but there always is at least some. I won’t trade an Islamic card away to the wrong place. I see good signs in the “Jerusalem Post” and “Maan News.”

Let me acknowledge that I have been shown pictures of someone else and I’ve also been shown some emails. I’m guessing it was the CIA ultimately behind both those moves. The CIA may see me as a little confused about the past decade.

I will speak truth to the power of the CIA, even as I distinguish myself from having the CIA catch Obama in a campaign doing something and then turning around to attack the CIA for what it wasn’t being prosecuted for before.

I would say analysts should understand that I see myself as maybe the best patron of the State Department these past three years. My strategy has been unconnected to campaign politics and at the same time, I see the CIA as effectively leaking to Republicrats, so there is not a sense in which I can make a real deal with the CIA-Republicrats on items concerning me as an individual. Ultimately, the first stage of struggle I refer to as analagous to new democracy does not advance me as an individual, but more the rules of struggle going forward.

If people are speculating on me in the future, second-stage-wise, all I can say is that I have the least reason not to generate cards as I have in the past and the least reason not to use them where they belong. I would tell the imperialists that it’s not smart to do otherwise and then turn around and complain about “terrorism.” So, don’t f* with the Islamic cards.

Again, on the whole, signs are positive. I’m just trying to pre-empt some problems.


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