“Avatar” blockbuster is good for Amerika

Yes, the movie “Avatar” about a white guy who learns another culture and ends up helping to save it is a “white messiah” movie. Nonetheless, “Avatar” has strong environmentalist and anti-militarist content including the radical strategy of armed struggle.

The “New York Times” reviewed a number of criticisms of “Avatar,” all of which are true. China cut its screening to allow more room for a movie about Confucius. It is true that a blockbuster can squash other films and love of imperialist films by the exploited is not good at this time, because we can see in statistics on trade and investment for example that the exploited nations are selling themselves short. There may come a day that such an imbalance will not hold, but right now globally in gender questions including film, love of power is the rule and that means disproportionate favors to rich white people.

Nonetheless, if Third World people can see the merits of “Avatar” for its homebase audience of Amerika, that would be good.

The Vatican criticized the movie as exemplifying non-monotheist practices. That’s true, but we have little else for our environmentalist movement here in the united $tates, where pagans and other non-monotheists take up Green politics.

When we say various criticisms of “Avatar” are true, we do not mean to say that we have any truck with post-modernism. Emphasis on different facets of a question is not post-modernist; although, not picking a principal aspect could lead to post-modernism.

“Avatar” is not a perfect movie, but creating race traitors is not a perfect process. Realistically, getting white people onto the side of the oppressed is an ugly and stressful process that can only be appreciated as intellectually beautiful in an overall sense, and maybe after the fact. The context of rich white audiences for “Avatar” is good.

Dave Itzkoff, “You Saw What in ‘Avatar’? Pass Those Glasses!” “New York Times,” 20Jan2010.


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