Cadre struggles

Sometimes we distinguish between professional government officials and party members able to lead in a Marxist fashion. With the Internet, we now have people able to take MIM Thought and apply it without being Marxist party members themselves. The interest in doing so is professional and sometimes we refer to it as action by “cadres.”

In this past month there have been some amazing struggles by people who do not consider themselves communist but who have a professional interest in politics. There was yet another amazing application of the MIM gender aristocracy line. Others have applied other aspects of MIM line in practice.

The “cadres” work at arm’s length and through their ole’ boys’ networks sometimes. Probably most believe they are coopting Marxism and anti-Amerikanism by bringing some change or unusual processes of struggle to bear on the system. In any case, they act independently and without concrete leadership by the party. In a real dictatorship of the proletariat, comrades would concretely lead cadres in struggle toward communist goals.


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