No status update

7:30 a.m. EST January 21 2010

Usually it’s called a “status update,” but what is really going on is a lack of status to bring a public defense. Willie Horton and Paula Jones have the status to be worthy of a controversy, but I do not: I can only be accused.

I do not want to be in a position where I effectively vouch for rulers who have never done anything but string me along with Aesopian language. The rulers have recently allowed certain events to come and go obliviously.

The Amerikan reactionaries blather endlessly how they are not a one-party state, but they are always one deal between two parties away from being a one-party dictatorship. George W. Bush recently counted Bill Clinton as his “fourth brother.”

The media is somewhat more credible in attacking a Republican than a Democrat. We should not assume any ability of the U.$. media to break an important story against Democrats.

There is a sense in which we have advanced diplomacy and we are grateful. Legend has it that AIPAC can replace individual Congress members at will. Certainly our side of the struggle cannot match AIPAC in that regard. We must seek our strengths elsewhere.


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