How long will they be able to cover up the truth?

In the opening scene of the latest Harry Potter movie we see Harry chided for telling his story too soon. That’s easy to say for a wizard on a Hollywood screen. We here at MIM knew our website’s time was limited and that the failure to reach a Mideast peace agreement in 2008 meant that there would be great pressure to shut us up for all the wrong reasons.

Nonetheless, there is an ever-growing Aesopian buzz in which attentive readers can see that the truth leaks out. Just this month Yale University Press published Superpower Illusions by Jack F. Matlock, Jr., a Foreign Service officer from 1956-1991, mostly in the Soviet Union.

Matlock admits that the government carries out intentional disinformation, as students of COINTELPRO should already know. Yet, he argues that Bush could have prevented 9/11 and hence avoided the Afghanistan war.

The ole’ boys’ network makes use of pointers and symbols to  convey information that is supposed to be classified. To convey information about a cabinet official, one could introduce someone by the same name for example to use a pointer.

Sometimes one can be dragged into dangerous situations via pointers and Aesopian buzz, places where the mainstream media did not seem likely to do anything. Matlock makes the following admissions regarding COINTELPRO-style activities:

  • Clinton administration FBI director Louis Freeh framed Richard A. Jewell for the Olympics bombing. (p. 168)
  • “KGB external intelligence had moles in both the CIA and FBI from the late 1980s, and also had gotten crucial communications intelligence from the U.S. Navy and National Security Agency. As intelligence agencies go, the KGB was spectacularly successful.” (p. 75)

    Matlock Jr. does not call it an “inside job,” but he says the information necessary was in the administration’s hands at it was “Asleep at the Switch” as a chapter title says. (p. 188) From what MIM knows and observed, the FBI may not have had the same briefing material as the president,(p. 191) even days after 9/11.

    You heard it from MIM first, but now you have a career Foreign Service officer saying it: “In this instance, leaders of the Democratic Party inexplicably chose to help the president cover up his incompetence,” (p. 199) and of course that led to the Iraq
    War. (MIM would not call it incompetence, because we don’t like Liberal emphases, but the idea of how the two parties went to war together is what needs probing.)

    The BBC is another organization paying attention very carefully. They are among the journalists following me around.

    British troops are dying in U.$. wars: the British media should feel no obligation to bail the Democrats’ ass out of the fire. Let the Democrats take their hits and then we’ll see how much support for the wars is left.

    The BBC has run the following stories:

  • “EU warns of pretty blonde spies.”(1)
  • “UK’s Ashton seeks ‘more credible’ EU.”(2)

    In December and January, I received another three separate confirmations that people know the worst of what one could imagine about the lynching story is in fact true. One confirmation came at a conference in which several people knew what was going on.

    The problem in the United $tates is that there is no firm line against lynching. Media and academic profesisonals who talk about the Willie Horton case endlessly believe that in my case what should be discussed is a “whole package” including what Obama would do as president. Broadly speaking post-modernism has had a strong influence.

    The general belief here is that Third World descended people should agree to be lynched and prove their loyalty by keeping quiet: that’s what makes a good government official. It’s a conception of racial puppet — Oreos, Twinkies, Coconuts and Radishes — that is probably inevitable in terms of the deep impersynal forces at work in the United $tates. It is not inevitable however, that the communists would be the ones to clear the way for such puppetry.



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