Daily update

I acknowledge a number of points, sometimes just to keep the media from barking up the wrong tree entirely.

  • Yesterday, two ex-senators called for someone to be promoted in the biological weapons of mass destruction area.
  • The U.$. media dug into an Indonesia connection involving me, and I’m not referring to the statue controversy.(1)
  • The British and Russian media are digging into things I did not know about.
  • The entire Sunday section of the New York Times sports pages was Aesopian.
  • China rightly pointed out that the U$A engages in cyberwarfare, including erasing yours truly’s documents, not just taking down a website.
  • Huffington Post writers are divided, but with some zombies supporting Obama for his speeches.
  • I passed the TV during a second of the State of the Union address to see some lawmakers rising to give a lyncher a standing ovation.

    Obama says he won’t resign, but some seem to say he may have to offer an explanation. At the moment, the main thing I see is that we are cheating at diplomatic cards here because nothing is happening, with the justification that Obama is an attractive package for Democrats. That has to do with the neo-colonial attitude that I have a lower status than Willie Horton, because I’m criticizing people who sought benefits from Democratic Party heroes. The main thing is not cheating at cards: the United $tates can do its diplomacy a favor by increasing its credibility, even if it comes in the midst of various attacks on my character. Such a struggle is what I am calling the re-civilizing stage of struggle, parallel to new democratic struggle in the old Maoist lexicon.

    I don’t have specific ideas anymore about internal U.$. policies, because I don’t see them as valid (time era) trades for a lynching. The Mideast was where I was working, and I see the U.$. media as irresponsible to diplomacy by not following the timing of the diplomatic struggle instead of the timing of Obama’s polls or media profits. I’m sure the world can forgive that the United $tates does not think highly of a communist or that the United $tates believes a communist might have persynal problems, but this incident affected several other people, and within U.$. political logic, it’s not right that I have no standing to run a website or defend Asian-unAmerikkkan civil rights. Frankly, what is happening is both cheating at diplomacy and also a slap in the face of all Asian-descended people.

    1. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hFv1KDPbvngI1hk4Y8UFGhAJkDpg


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