Noam Chomsky should come clean

Noam Chomsky has done some talks over the decades for the Avakianites. He should come clean on collaboration with the state.

To his credit, I never saw Chomsky call himself “revolutionary.” Quite the contrary, he joined the social-democratic Democratic Socialists of America and endorsed “In These Times.”

Because Chomsky opposes Pol Pot and Stalin while calling himself a libertarian socialist, some have called him an anarchist. However, such would be to fool with the definition of anarchist.

People inside the government often criticize each other without calling for abolition of the state. Hence, criticism of the government should not be called “anarchist.” At the very least an anarchist should work independently of the government, while members of the DSA could very well believe in recruiting to the CIA. The DSA is for reforming the government, not overthrowing it or struggling from an independent base of power.

The naive among us are seeking to romanticize joining the government and drawing a parasitic “union” or “green job” salary. There are those calling themselves “Maoist” who say it is “infiltration” to join the government. However, it’s not “infiltration” when the FBI, CIA and the top leaders of Congress know what is going on. It’s called “recruiting” for the imperialist state, including the CIA in the case of the Avakianites.

“Infiltration” is a term that should be reserved for secret activity — secret from the state it targets. The Avakianites keep their revisionism secret from the international proletariat, not the imperialist state.

In Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky mentions in passing the recruitment of (pseudo-)Maoists to the state. He sounds critical as his book title would indicate. He’s just critical enough to round up some people in a failure to make a radical break from the state.

I have specific who-oriented knowledge of the secret services at Harvard and MIT. I highly doubt that Chomsky does not have a general idea of that as well, perhaps even moreso in some areas. Chomsky endorsed Kerry for president. Now even Newsweek has published my version of the 2000s decade in naming Kerry’s pick of Obama for keynote speaker as an event of the decade. I was the first to name the significance of that event.

The infiltration gambit involving me, lynching and the Avakianites/Strasserites was done in the open on the Internet in front of multiple members of the CIA while it was kept secret from the international proletariat. There should not be any doubts left about that and that is why I say Chomsky should come clean on what he knows on pseudo-Maoist fronts recruiting to the state.


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