Brits pull punches on Iraq, again

MIM is still wondering about how long the Brits will go on living in cloud cuckooland. The latest round of Iraq inquiries is still not hitting the nail on the head. Meanwhile, British soldiers who have died are dishonored by political falsehoods.

Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair are probably not the world’s leading problems right now. On the other hand, yet another British inquiry which fails to hit the mark is another slap at the Arab people.

“Saba Jaiwad, an Iraqi protester who opposed the war, said Blair, now envoy to the quartet of Middle East peacemakers, should be taken to The Hague to ‘face criminal charges because he has committed crimes against the Iraqi people.'”

A thorough inquiry would set off recriminations between Bush and Clinton, who at the moment are in lockstep.

A question of strategy arises for the international united front. No one can deny that Iraq deserves its own inquiry in its own right. If pursued independently of other issues it would tend to rob Obama of protection he is making use of right now on other issues. Hence there is some merit in bringing the Iraq issue to the fore.

On the other hand, it is Obama in power now. He has his own issues and Palestinians continue to die on a daily basis. Looked at in a Liberal way from my perspective we should highlight Obama. Yet precisely because there is an individualism question involved, the international united front should chew over this question itself. Perhaps it is best to advance against all three simultaneously at the same exact time.

Though I have not emphasized it, I certainly see the reasoning for holding the Brits accountable for not doing a thorough Iraq inquiry and even prioritizing that above other issues. It should be considered.



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