Corporatism again

“Corporatism” does not refer to a vaguely pro-corporation ideology. Corporatism refers to a specific strategy of the state best characterized in Hitler Germany where the state merges with private interests.

A vague pro-corporation ideology could be to oppose high taxation of corporations and regulation of corporations. Most assuredly, such an ideology is not corporatism but conservative Liberalism. Corporatism puts the emphasis on large associations and a government role that allows profit-making. Historically it occurs when capitalism has reached the monopoly capitalist stage Lenin correctly referred to as “imperialist.”

The U.S. Constitution does NOT have an amendment outlawing pursuit of profit. Quite the contrary, the founding documents protect the rights of minorities to own property, large quantities.

The U.S. Constitution DOES have an amendment guaranteeing the right to associate and that means forming corporations. If you don’t like it you should push for an AMENDMENT to the Constitution to outlaw profit-making or if you do not like reformism, you should push for a Bolshevik uprising of Amerikkkan “workers.” Good luck with that. You will only end up spreading fascism.

Every time that the left-wing of parasitism dodges clarity on this question it clears the way for fascism. Even in the 1980s I could find members of the Communist Workers Party clear on this. Now we have what everyone calls a Depression or near-Depression and still there is not clarity.

I see no one out there quoting the existing academic works on corporatism. I was able to find people talking about this in the early 1980s, but now that Strasserite Democrats since the latter 1990s have declared themselves FDR Democrats in favor of bombing Afghanistan (and that was BEFORE 9/11) and those FDR Democrats needed a lynching to get afloat, we do not hear criticism of corporatism anymore.

The reason is simple: we have a Black Democrat president who came to power on the back of a lynching of an Asian-unAmerikkkan. That’s why there’s a big silence, a big racist silence on corporatism. All these fuckers know very well that profit is legal, that there is no socialism or communism involved in these government takeovers, just even bigger profits for the rich just like in Hitler Germany where private property continued and profits continued under the name of “national socialism.”

The whole corporatism question is again proof of the racist nature of the left-wing of parasitism. I pointed to these people since the late 1990s, but the left-wing of parasitism is so ROTTEN and DECADENT that these fascists can do all of this in the open, right on the Internet and they know that the leadership of Asian-unAmerikkkans won’t be accepted.


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